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Libro de Artista 
Exhibit on view: Sept, 2012


Return (Time of the solstice)

After an era of darkness comes the time of the solstice, of the return. The strong light that was expelled before comes back and enters with a natural and spontaneous movement.
That’s why the transformation of all that’s old is easy.

The return to one’s own home or to the mother’s house, the return to one’s country, are symbols of death, considered not as a total destruction, but as the re-integration of the spirit within the spirit. According to Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse, “when the soul abandons the form, both things go back to their real essence…”

The return bases itself in the course of nature. The movement is circular, cyclical.
The path closes upon itself.
The time of darkness has passed, the solstice brings on the triumph of light.

Joan Fontcuberta said:
“Every language creates its own contradictions, therefore photography also has its category of visual contradictions, and these would be countervisions, meaning elements that provoked a friction with a certain internal logic of the own photographic language.
My work is metha-documentary, its makes comments on the documentary use of photography.
History is no more than approximations, try outs, versions that we invent to verify if they can give us a convincing and useful explanation of the past. Therefore what impassions me
is the fase where an interpretation is built, where a possible sense is given to that disorderly
amalgam of data.”

Beyond the family album
“Each one of the images of a family album is a denial of everything else that could well be in that same album. Those images feed from the mythology of the universal experience… there are photos that are a veil… they hide the past from you. And whenever your story is told again from those pictures, this occultation process is reinforced, because it removes you from the chance of discussing anything.”

“I have come to accept myself as I am, and to understand something about the ways in which my subjectivity, fragmented and contradictory is built.
Some time ago I have stopped searching for ideal images of myself and I’ve accepted
the spectrum and variety that the camera has offered me. I also see that there isn’t only one coherent me, but a multiplicity of me that position themselves in different ways in the world within a range of power dynamics.” Jo Spence.

The family is a magical tree in one’s interior.
“The past has the same consistency as a dream, it’s like the Tarot cards. They are manifestations that have no precise rational explanation. They can be interpreted in various ways according to our level of conscience.
If the level of conscience increases, the meaning of the past changes, and such as the tree is judged by its fruits, if these change, so does the tree.…By changing the present, we change the past. By illuminating the present, we illuminate the past.” Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Mi proposal is to work with the genealogical tree to which I belong and give these images a new sense, intervening them, mixing them, so that they can play new games among each other in which the spectator can participate and recognize himself in his own tree.

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